Layout Design

Layout Editor

SX-Meister Ismo-Advanced

Layout Tool Standard

  • Integration with abundant automated design tools and verification tools
  • Supports various design styles (polygon-based, rule-driven)
  • Large-scale support, high-speed data processing
  • User-specific device generation using parameterized cells
  • Intuitive, excellent operability and easy customization
  • Abundant input / output
    DXF, Gerber, GDSII, OASIS
    EDIF Schematic, Spice Netlist, Verilog-HDL
    Other company rule information

Fine Pattern Editor

SX-Meister FineArts

Supports FPD design and fine pattern design
Supports mechanical CAD functions required for mask design

  • Abundant pattern input editing function
    Arrangement of special shape patterns (elliptical arc shape, cam shape, swirl, 7-segment display, etc.),
    auxiliary line input,
    bundle line connection, trimming,
    automatic wiring with constant resistance value, wiring resistance adjustment,
    conversion from zero-width line to boundary figure
  • Various report output (resistance calculation, area calculation, etc.)
  • Drawing frame layout, dimension input editing
  • Japanese input