I/F (With other comapanies’ tools)

SX-Meister Siemens EDA DAIC I/F

SX-Meister Cadence Composer I/F

SX-Meister Synopsys CCLink

Link other tool users to SX-Meister Ismo

  • Without converting schematic data, ability to build design environment Ismo and reduce design TAT
  • Build netlist in Ismo-Advanced environment from schematic data designed in Siements EDA DAIC/Cadence Composer/Synopsys CustomCompiler
  • Cross probing between Ismo in reference to the circuit information

SX-Meister Siemens EDA Calibre I/F

Calibre execution from Ismo-Advanced and debugging by RVE

  • Shorten verification time by seamlessly incorporating the Calibre verification process into the SX-Meister custom   automated design flow.
  • Directly launch Calibre during design to verify layout.
  • View and debug verification results directly.