PCB and Package Design

Approaching Hand Wiring Quality

Topology-based Automatic Wiring

PCB  / Package / FPD

Providing the world’s only automated wiring solution that supports the PCB, IC package, and FPD design fields

* September 2019 According to Simplify DA survey

Topology-based automatic wiring

  • SimplifyDA provides robust, state-of-the-art, topology-based automated routers for PCBs and packages, implementing algorithms that closely mimic hand-wiring techniques to achieve best-in-class wiring results and productivity

Evolution of automatic wiring

  • SimplifyDA combines the best of gridless and shape-based features with smarter algorithms for more productive topology-based automated wiring
  • Topology-based automated wiring technology, which was developed ahead of the rest of the world, enables wiring in all directions and breaks the limits of existing automated wiring technology
  • The wiring design of IC packages and PCBs, which could only be done manually in the past, can be automated, and the design time can be significantly reduced


  • Obstacle avoidance routing
  • 45 degree wiring, any angle wiring
  • High wiring rate comparable to manual wiring
  • High speed (1 digit or more higher speed than other companies, wiring rate 98% or more)
  • Wiring quality as close as possible to manual wiring
  • BGA bundle wiring has a wiring ratio comparable to manual wiring.
  • Pin swap automatic wiring
  • Constant wiring length (Tune) wiring
  • Fully automatic function and semi-automatic function can be used together

Support from layout examination to detailed wiring


  • Simplify PCB
    Test board
    High speed digital board
  • Simplify PKG
    Flip chip
    Wire bonding
  • Simplify FPD
    Flat panel display

Function details

Support platform

  • Linux / Windows