Flat Panel Display Design 

Advanced Flat Panel Display Design Environment Certified by No. 1 Delivery Record

The tandard for FPD design

Jedat provides an integrated design environment that covers circuit design, layout design, and reticle design for the entire flat panel display, including panels and peripheral circuits. Specialized in flat panel display design such as array instance, pixel panel, bundle line input, trimming function, automatic resistance adjustment wiring, special shape pattern input (elliptical arc, cam shape, swirl, 8 segments, etc.), and various verification functions. It is equipped with a wealth of dedicated functions. In addition, by linking with a 3D liquid crystal simulator capable of optical analysis of pixels, the verification accuracy of the entire panel can be dramatically improved. Furthermore, based on these tools, Jedat can customize the special specifications for each customer, greatly shortening the design verification period and improving quality.

Abundant application fields and supported data formats

Field of application

・ FPD (active / passive matrix / a-Si / LTPS / HTPS / OLED / electronic paper / IGZO / touch panel, etc.)

・ Color filter

Supported data formats


・ Supports dimension lines, drawing frames, Japanese comments, etc.

Success Story      Delivery record 5,000 Licenses prove reliability

Windows, RedHat Linux

Success Story   Delivery record 5,000 Licenses prove reliability

Jedat has a cumulative delivery record of over 5,000 licenses to customers. We are proud that this is a proof that the solution Jedat provides matches the needs and is widely accepted.