Power Analysis

High Speed and High Accuracy Power Analysis of Power Devices

SX-Meister PowerVolt

Provide high-speed, highly-accurate power analysis for power devices
Possible to extract devices and nets from layout and analyze without running LVS and RC extraction tools

DC/DC Sweep Analysis

  • Electrical characteristics calculation – On resistance, VOH, VOL (output voltage), IOH,IOL (output current)
  • Detection of electric-current constriction points
  • High speed and highly accurate resistance, voltage, current density, and power  density calculation and distribution display by color map
  • All-in-one functions: device/net extraction, parasitic resistance extraction, simulation, graphics display
  • Flexible simulation model (calculation formula, SPICE model / subcircuit (using built- in simulator), IV table)
  • Verification of Electromigration by High Accuracy Current Density Calculation

Resistance Distribution Analysis

  • Calculate resistance distribution of analog, digital P/G nets and signal lines as well as power devices
  • Flexible usability – multiple start points designation, resistance display/resistance difference display, and display color customization
  • Verification of resistance value between two points and confirmation of current main path (verification) on distribution viewer using resistance distribution analysis results

Power MOS Transient Analysis

  • Possible to observe transient voltage, current density, power density and distribution at arbitrary time
  • Possible to observe partial operation delay, unbalanced operation, invalid operation level or fluctuation
  • Calculate the voltage/current waveform of the port
  • Delay model: calculation formula, I-V table

Electrothermal Analysis

  • Heat generation calculation and temperature distribution display based on power consumption
  • Static thermal analysis for thermal equilibrium state