Reticle Design

Supports Reticle Design for Stepper Type Exposure Equipment

  • Explore imposition method
  • Creates reticle cells
  • Divides panels according to  the stepper method

Reticle Floor Plan Tool

SX-Meister FineRFP

Supports Reticle Design

  • Automatic cell division and automatic blind and auxiliary pattern generation
  • Easy to explore the shot placement
    Cross probe between the glass substrate and reticle
  • Abundant check function
    Stage movable amount, exposure possibility check considering stroke, blind area check, clearance check between shots, stroke violation check
  • Outputs recipe information (shot, center coordinate output of alignment mark <CSV, Text>)

Glass Floor Plan Tool

SX-Meister FineGFP

Supports glass substrate designs include multiple impositions

  • Designs glass substrate from basic shots and reticle parameter information
    ・ Supports multiple imposition conditions
    ・ Outputs glass substrate and reticle cell
  • Estimates the optimum recipe information from the glass substrate and shot information
  • Outputs imposition and recipe information from glass substrate and reticle information
  • Highlights shots from recipe information