LSI Design Service

JEDAT LSI Design Services

  • JEDAT has many  the designer with craftsmanship who are familiar with the development of semiconductors.
  • By the synergy effect of JEDAT ‘s EDA tools and  the designer with craftsmanship, JEDAT provides high performance, high quality designs in a short time .
  • We propose the various solutions for each process.
  • JEDAT is certified under ISO9001:2015, the international standard for quality management systems.

JEDAT LSI design service cover the entire process  from requirement specification to completion.

JEDAT LSI Design Service

  • Cover the entire process from requirement specification to completion.
  • Possible to contract from any design phase.
  • As an EDA vendor,  support  the various data I/F .

Entrusted Design Service (examples of  target product)


  • SAR(Successive Approximation Register)
  • parallel(Flash)
  • Pipeline
  • ΔΣ(Delta-Sigma)


  • PWM(Pulse width modulation)


  • temperature
  • Speed
  • Beam


  • PLL
  • DLL
  • VCO

Power Management

  • Voltage Regulator
  • Charge Pump

High Speed Interface

  • USB
  • DDR
  • LVDS


  • SRAM
  • DRAM