Circuit Design

Circuit design environment for each design application, from simulation to layout design and LVS verification

  • Design and verification environment that integrates circuit entry, simulation execution control, and waveform measurement
  • Array structure definition corresponding to the FPD circuit configuration
  • Parasitic definition of parasitic wiring effect model and back annotation I/F
  • User I/F that supports shortcuts and handwritten command input

Integrated Circuit Design System

SX-Meister Asca-Advanced

Circuit design platform that integrates essential functions for circuit design

  • A seamless circuit design platform is realized by integrating schematic entry, simulation execution control, and waveform analysis viewer.

Efficiency of circuit analysis and verification work, which involves many repetitive tasks

  • Easy simulation control by GUI
  • Automatic feedback of analysis results to the schematic
  • Stress-free waveform measurement and analysis by high-speed display of large-scale waveform data

Schematic editor for high-speed handling of large-scale FPD schematics

  • Large model pixel array circuit design support
    Parametric 2D array editing function
    Trade-off analysis by parametric modeling of wiring parasitic effect
    Back annotation of layout wiring parasitic information
  • High-speed editing of large-scale circuits, ultra-high-speed netlist output
  • Abundant input / output
    EDIF Schematic, Spice Netlist, Verilog-HDL
  • Excellent user-friendly operability
    Shortcut key
    Handwriting command
    Unified GUI
  • Easy customization function
    GUI and command customization by AXEL language
    Customizing the netlist output format with a format file
    Automatic calculation of design element parameters by AXEL callback function

Simulation Waveform Analysis

SX-Meister SpiceChart

Intuitive operation enables stress-free analysis

  • Post-layout simulation-scale waveform display at ultra-high speed
    Display 5GB order in 1 minute
  • Command execution with just Drag & Drop and click operation
  • Document creation support
    Enter Japanese comments, copy and paste measured values
  • Abundant measurement functions
    Simultaneous display of multiple analyzes by multi-tab
  • Jitter analysis, histogram display
  • EyeDiagram, AD / DA conversion
  • Easy-to-read display
    Measurement result display by XY cursor and point cursor
  • Measurement value color and background color can be customized
  • Supports various format
    str0 / ac0 / dc0, fsdb, raw, psf, csv