Partner Program

Synopsys’ HSPICE® Integrator Program promotes integration between Synopsys’ HSPICE simulation solution and other EDA products.

The HSPICE Integrator Program enables qualified EDA vendors to integrate their products with the de facto standard HSPICE simulator, HSPICE RF simulator, and WaveView Analyzer. In addition, qualified HSPICE Integrator Program members have access to HSPICE integrator application programming interfaces (APIs). Collaboration between HSPICE Integrator Program members will enable customers to achieve more thorough design verification in a shorter period of time from the improvements offered by inter-company EDA design solutions.

Through the S&T Partner Program, EDA, many partnering companies have agreed to develop and maintain commercial integrations, expanding the choices available to Siemens EDA’s users in all design processes: hundreds of EDA products now interoperate with EDA tools for ESDA, top-down design, PCB layout, IC design and digital twin development.