Panel Layout Design

Significantly Reduce Design TAT with Dedicated Functions Specialized for FPD Design

● High-performance layout editor that realizes error-free design and shortens design period

  • Rule-driven and net-driven design to reduce design mistakes
  • Net information can be added to existing polygon data to make it net driven.
  • Push Aside function that retains design rules between polygon figures

● Significantly reduce design TAT with dedicated functions specialized for FPD design

  • The wiring input time is shortened by the wiring function that keeps the wiring resistance value constant, the bundling function, and the trim function.
  • Shorten verification time with various verification tools dedicated to FPD design

● Possible to enter a wealth of document information

  • Dimension input, drawing frame input
  • Enter Japanese comments

Layout Design System

SX-Meister Ismo-Advanced

Standard of FPD layout tool

  • Fusion with abundant automated design tools and verification tools
  • Supports various design styles (polygon-based, rule-driven, net-driven)
  • Large-scale support, high-speed data processing
  • Powerful wiring editing function as standard equipment
    PushAside, bus wiring function, automatic VIA transfer, wiring guidance, etc.
  • User-specific device generation using parameterized cells
  • Intuitive, excellent operability and easy customization
  • Abundant input and output
    DXF, Gerber, GDSII, OASIS
    EDIF Schematic, Spice Netlist, Verilog-HDL
    Other tools’ rule information

Layout Editor for FPD and Fine Pattern Design

SX-Meister FineArts

Supports FPD design and fine pattern design
 Supports mechanical CAD functions required for mask design

  • Abundant pattern input editing functions
    Arrangement of special shape patterns (elliptical arc shape, cam shape, swirl, 7-segment, etc.)
    Auxiliary line input
    Automatic wiring that keeps the resistance value constant
    Wiring resistance adjustment
    Conversion from zero-width line to boundary figure
    Bundle line connection within a specified area
  • Various report output (resistance calculation, area calculation, etc.)
  • Drawing frame layout, input and edit of dimension lines

Placement and Routing Tool for Free-form Panels

SX-Meister FineFFP

Dramatically improve design efficiency with automatic functions specialized for free-form panel design

  • Automatic wiring between the pixel and the driver
    Data / Gate automatic wiring
    GOA cell automatic placement
  • Automatic mask generation of aperture
    Automatic mask generation of the aperture on the panel border line
    Automatic mask generation using CSV file

FPC Wiring Tool

SX-Meister FineFPC

Batch automatic wiring considering wiring conditions between IC and FPC

  • Automatic generation using CSV file
    IC / FPC cell
    Special connection information (m vs. n)
  • Automatic determination of wiring width, Verification of wiring results by resistance value
    Resistance value calculation linked with FPD resistance calculation tool (FineAcres)

Drawing Creation Tool

SX-Meister FineSketch

Supports drawing data creation based on design data

  • Create drawing data from design data
    Enlarged view, annotation view  
    Mask configuration diagram, cross-sectional structure diagram
  • Unified management of design data and drawing data
    Automatically generate new drawings based on design changes
    Comparison (LVL) and display of old and new drawings 
    Drawing revision control