DFM/Mask Verification

Ultrahigh-speed Display and Analysis Browser


Opens and displays the ultra-large scale data of more than 100GB at high speed.
Multitude of built-in analysis functions allow for the acceleration of thorough LSI analysis and sharing of results.
Achieves high scalability through a high level, highly functional, scripting API language “AXEL”.

  • High speed processing of ultra-large scale data
  • Overlapping display of design data, photomask data, and image files
  • Intuitive operability that anyone can easily use
  • Various analysis functions centering on a full range of length measurement functions
  • Advanced equipotential tracking and circuit diagram generation
  • Cross-sectional and 3D display compatible with interlocking display using common simple rules
  • Optimizes the inspection and analysis environment by linking with various equipments to improve equipment operation rates
  • Adopted as a control platform for various equipments

Examples of customized tools on HOTSCOPE, that added I/F functions for manufacturing, inspection, and analysis equipment.