Jedat Launches High Accuracy and High Speed Circuit Simulator for the Verification of Analog LSI designs

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Jedat Launches High Accuracy and High Speed Circuit Simulator for the Verification of Analog LSI designs


Chuo-ku, Tokyo, January 9, 2013 – Jedat Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, president & CEO: Kazuyuki Kawauchi, “Jedat”)(Jasdaq:3841) today announced to provide a high accuracy and high speed circuit simulator “Cforce” for custom/analog LSI design.

The outstanding feature of Cforce, originally developed based on Jedat’s leading-edge simulation technology, is high speed performance and large scale processing. Cforce’s advanced circuit simulation engine with multi-threading technology enables increased speed, accuracy and capacity, allowing users to reduce design and verification costs as they make smaller, faster.

Due to the balance of speed, accuracy, and cost, Cforce provides a high cost performance while maintaining the accuracy and compatibility with third-party simulators, enabling customers to obtain a cost performance of 20 – 30X by just replacing the circuit simulators that are currently in use.

Technology Features:

  • Easy integration into existing flows by its guaranteed compatibility with third-party simulators
  • Integrated with C3(CircuitCube) circuit design environment
  • Increases simulation accuracy with proprietary high accuracy solver
  • Pseudo-transient analysis method makes possible high convergence
  • Best-in-class performance (2 to 3X faster than third-party simulators)
  • Multithread technology increases performance and shortens verification period
  • Supports industry-standard netlist formats •Standard output formats for data analysis
  • Ensures compatibility with third-party simulators for I/O format, main analysis feature, model, and analysis result
  • Supports Verilog-A (Verilog-AMS LRMV2.2)
  • Performs DC, transient, AC and Monte Carlo analysis
  • Supports leading-edge simulation models
    • BJT : Gummel-Poon (level=1)
    • MOSFET : level 3, BSIM3, BSIM4, HiSIM, HiSIM_HV
    • TFT : RPI a-Si, p-Si (level=1, 2, 2.1) SOI : BSIM3
    • JFET : level 1
    • DIODE : level 1, level 3

Examples of Effective Circuit Verification Approaches
by Cforce’s high performance engine:

  • Exhaustive variability verification technique for circuit characteristics
    • By executing parallel verification using a large amount of simulators, it allows designers to analyze circuits by a sufficient combination of PVT conditions not only corner PVT conditions to obtain a more accurate analysis results
  • Analysis engine for commercial optimization tools

About Jedat, Inc.

Jedat offers the custom LSI design environment “Alpha-SX series” that automates custom LSI design such as analog LSI, power device, LCD driver and memory. With the floor plan function (hierarchical operation, pin assignment, and power supply and bus routing, etc.) and the automatic placement and routing tool for custom layout, Alpha-SX has brought significant improvement to the area where the automation was difficult so far. All of the tools are integrated in the constraint driven environment, and they provide a result in accumulation and reusing the design know-how. Distribution partners are located in Seoul (Korea), Beijing and Shanghai (China), Hsinchu (Taiwan) and the U.S. West Coast. These partners provide the same experienced customer support as Jedat offers in Japan. Visit Jedat on the Web at

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Operations began:February 2, 2004
Capital:760,007,110 Japanese yen
President & CEO:Kawauchi, Kazuyuki
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